Recommended Viewing

This is a list of talks and documentaries which provide the context and background for the ‘Occupy Power’ essay. If you can watch most of these videos and still disagree with the arguments made on this website then I really need to hear from you to find out why. I have not yet heard a decent argument that undermines or effectively challenges the ideas I’ve presented, but I’m sure there must be some out there and I need to know what they are to adapt and adjust the proposal. Please help by contributing and please watch any of these videos that you haven’t already seen.

Does Money Make You Mean? (16 mins)

Can We Do It Ourselves? (59 mins)

How Economic Inequality Harms Societies (17 mins)

Do The Math (45 mins)

Money For Free (49 mins)

Freakonomics (1 hour 29 mins)

The War You Don’t See (1 hour 36 mins)

The Choice is Ours (1 hour)

Human Resources (2 hours)

The Power Principle (4 hours 25 mins)

John Pilger in conversation with Julian Assange (1 hour 8 mins)

Distorted Morality (55 mins)

Lifting the Veil (1 hour 55 mins)

The Money Fix (1 hour 19 mins)

Manuel Lima: A Visual History of Human Knowledge (13 mins)

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace (watch all 3 parts)

Home (1 hour 33 mins)

The School of Life: Capitalism (clips)

Anima (2 hours 34 mins)

Arithmetic, Population and Energy (1 hour 15 mins)

For Liberty (1 hour 4 mins)

Zeitgeist Moving Forward (2 hours 40 mins)

Ethos (1 hour 8 mins)

Wikileaks: War lies and videotape (55 mins)

Capitalism hits the fan (1 hour 45 mins)

Generation OS13 (23 mins)

Children Full of Life (40 mins)


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