Why NOT to vote!

This is a plea never to vote in any democratic election, whatever country you live in. I believe that you should feel proud to actively discourage others from participating in their own subjugation.

If you’re voting for a leader to decide for you rather than voting for a specific proposal then your vote supports the idea that you desire and require representation and leadership. I’m asking you to reclaim your own sovereignty and to throw off the yoke of political subordination instead of rubber stamping an abusive and corrupt system by casting a meaningless vote with no meaningful choice.

No politician can ever ‘represent’ you. All people are limited by their own capacity and bias, so none can represent anything more than those personal limitations. Voting to elect someone who can’t represent you is supporting the very thing you need to compete with in order to represent yourself in a truly democratic way.

A grass-roots democratic movement must be legitimised by the representation of a majority of public consensus. Voting in elections creates competition for that legitimacy by demonstrating your support in favour of elected representation. We need to empower the democratic decisions by disempowering the centralised authority.

If the total number of transparent voting citizens in an online democratic assembly exceeds the voting electorate in any given region then the ultimate democratic authority must lie with superior numbers. Voting endorses leaders and the centralisation of power, every vote cast in an election is a vote for hierarchy and a vote against personal empowerment.

If you support democracy and you believe in limiting the powerful by holding them accountable to the rest of us then please don’t vote in your next election and instead involve yourself in your own community and help build your own local direct democracy movement where you can vote on issues, ideas and proposals rather than for someone to decide for you and act on your behalf.

Please read the “Occupy Power” essay for more detailed discussion on this controversial subject.


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